HIIT’ing It Off: Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

Just hype or genuine hit (lols)? Many people struggle to find the time for exercise but with high-intensity interval training, it’s about maximum effort in a short space time. In this article, we’ll break down the trend that is HIIT and why it’s still one of our favourites and worth a go if if you havn’e […]

When Gym Class Gets Weird: 18 Workouts That Will Make You Question Everything

So, you have your routine down and looking for a little *more* in your workout? Group classes are a fun way to make exercise feel like less of a chore… but what if they are a little too much fun and a little weird? Yes, you read that right. Friends,  we have found the weirdest […]

Bridal Bootcamp: Get Ready for the Wedding Workout

D-day is fast approaching, and all the bridal battles may have left you feeling decidedly more Bridezilla than Princess Grace. Wedding stress can turn even the most level-headed Earth mother into a loaded cannon ready to explode at a moment’s notice (most often at a confused groom who is sure he proposed to a far […]

How To Pump Iron Politely: 10 Steps to Refining your Repertoire
posted in Gym Humour, Lifestyle, Weightlifting, Gym Life on 11 October 2017

It can be a little intimidating to make the move to weightlifting, especially when there seem to be a bunch of unspoken rules (golden of which is that it is never the staff’s role to replace your weights). To get started, check out our awesome gym programmes and click on build muscle as your goal. […]

The Habit of Fitness: from a couch potato into a jacked potato
posted in Gym Humour, Lifestyle, Gym Life on 11 September 2017

Spring is sprung, so it’s time to unwrap your blanket, stand up off that couch (creakily, I’m sure) and take a long hard look at the results of a bit too much mash munched as you binge-watched Game of Thrones, and decide to make a change. Whether it’s Jon Snow’s tight little bum that you’re […]

Gym bag junkies: Why you should kick the habit
posted in Gym Humour, Lifestyle, Gym Life on 17 August 2017

There is a secret some of your fellow gym goers are hiding from us all. Something they jealously keep in those nylon or canvas carry-alls, like a dragon on a pile of gold. Why else would they blast fiery words at us when we ask them to let them out of their sight for the […]

A Game of Gyms
posted in Gym Humour, Lifestyle, Gym Life on 1 August 2017

We can nerd out with the best of them at Viva and we’ve been awaiting Game of Thrones Season 7 with bated breath! When the season premiered, you can be sure we were sitting there in our Winter is Coming tshirts, desperately hoping this is not the season our favourite character dies (please Tyrion, stay […]

The Ultimate List of Workout Music Playlists
posted in Gym Humour, Lifestyle, Gym Life on 22 June 2017

It’s not exactly ground-breaking news, exercise and music go together like Jack & Jill, Netflix  chill, Monica & Bill, failed brakes, going down a hill. Things took a dark turn, and we digress.  We’ve done a ton of research and it turns out music and exercise work together, not just because it feels lekker, but […]

6 Hacks to Detangle your Earphones [INFOGRAPHIC]
posted in Gym Humour, Lifestyle, Gym Life on 20 June 2017

How frustrating is it when your pair of earphones gets tangled? As soon as you put them down, somehow they thread themselves into an awful mess! And don’t even think about putting them into your pocket. How do earphones get so knotted in such a short space of time and how can we prevent it? […]